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Duncan is our longest standing team member and sure knows how to ride a bike!  Make sure you check out this edit of Dunc riding his Bolt L and his Omen 4X frame on his home trails around Bristol.



Check out the Bolt L here

BOLT L 26″ – 27.5″ CONVERTER

You can now convert your Bolt L to the 27.5″ wheel size with a simple Swopout and bushing kit!

Check out the kit here


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Are Flat pedals a thing of the past when it comes to World Cup DH racing or are they making a comeback?

Could we be seeing a change for the better in world cup tracks allowing flat pedals to find their way back onto the worlds best race bikes?  Check out this shot of Sam Dale running his Vaults in Andorra recently.


Olly’s New Bolt [L] Build

Our Team Rider and Brand Manager Olly Wilkins gave us the low down on his new Bolt L build and all the little changes he makes to the standard model.

‘Working as a brand manager for DMR as well as a rider has its perks.  My bikes often get used on displays at shows and events as well as being my personal rides.  My current Bolt L was looking a little tired after a year of heavy riding.  With Sea Otter looming we decided to put together a new build that we could show at the event.  Kill two birds with one stone!’


‘I want to make my bikes as quiet as possible and our tech guru and Mechanic Liam had a few tricks up his sleeve for this.  Velcro inside the chain device really deadens any chain sound and produces no drag whatsoever.  I also use road bike bar tape on my chain stays for the moments when you’re clattering through rocks in a high gear with a slacker chain.  Overall it really helps keep all chain noise to a minimum and protects the frame.’


‘I’m using the Axe crank with our Blade direct mount ring.  It’s Wide/Narrow design means I only use a top guide as a precaution and I love how it looks super simple.’


‘My shock is the X-Fusion Vector Air HLR.  It’s actually the exact same shock and tune as my old bike so as soon as I jump on I feel right at home’


‘Up front I run X-fusion Slants with my own custom tune.  I really like how progressive they feel and the Gold slick ano stanchions look killer.  Again I’ve transferred the damper off my old bike so it’ll feel exactly the same as before.  No time lost trying to set anything up and if it isn’t broken then there’s no point in changing for a new one!’


‘I run the new 27.5 Zone wheels and our Bolt L conversion kit.  It basically adds 8mm of wheelbase and allows us to fit the larger diameter wheels into the frame.  There are also offset bushings in there to cancel any seat tube buzz at full travel and on BIG bottom outs!’


Check out the Bolt L frame and our Alpine Division range.


Check out all the action from the Night Harvest Jam from Potato trails in Cape Town


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