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‘The Samson brothers are two of the sickest dirt jump riders in the UK, on this trip we were eager to hit up some of the best spots in Spain whilst also sampling some of the more intense gravity based riding the country has to offer up in the mountains of La Molina.’

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Our pedal rider Toby Pantling just got back from round 4 of the Scottish Enduro series.  Heres what he had to say about his weekend:

It’s so great to finally be back on the bike after a pretty tough 5 weeks trying to dodge a knee surgery with some pretty intense physio and rehab on my knee after the injury I picked up in Scotland at the EWS.

Last weekend I found myself heading back up north and just into Scotland for round 4 of the Scottish Enduro series up at the very well known DH venue of Ae Forest.

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Having visited the venue before for enduro and also back in my DH days I knew they had a lot of different trail options to choose from. In true Scottish Enduro style they chose some real bangers with a great mix of DH and trail center flow.

I felt strong on my bike all weekend and was just having way to much fun to worry about racing on Sunday and maybe over did practice a touch! During practice on Saturday it was looking like the heavy rain that was forecast was going to come and it sure did. This was fine with me as I love riding in the mud and getting a touch loose.

Racing didn’t start off the best for me on stage one as got a bit over excited on the pedals and sprinted straight past a super hot line and then had to nurse a slow puncture down the bottom half of the stage. From then on I tried to just keep it steady the ride tidy and it paid off until the final stage where I had two get offs but wasn’t too fussed as had the best day ever on the bike cruising around with my buddies Sam jones and Mattie Pugh (#teamflatpedalthunder).



Toby Runs the V12 Mag on his race bike 

I could not have been more stoked with the way my knee felt and to see my times at the bottom – I’d done enough to take joint 2nd, and still be in a strong position for the series overall. Till next time try to stay unclipped!

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The Dirtwars team took the show to NASS festival a couple of weekends ago for an open-only round of the series.  Check out the edit and write up below:

NASS has to be one of the most awesome festivals in the UK. Each year they always seem to grab a top music line up aswell as pulling in some of the worlds best extreme sports athletes to compete in a range of wheeled sports events.

This year was no different, with Cypress Hill headlining the music stage and an amazing dirt jump course, the DMR Dirt Wars UK riders were ready to party hard and throw down some of their best tricks throughout the weekend…


On the Friday evening the Open riders hit the trails around 5pm for their first runs on the dirt course that had been built by BMX Legend Kye Forte and his crew of builders. The course was layed out with a straight first jump with around a 15ft gap then a step up on to a whale tail with the drop off then into another straight trick jump. All the riders seemed a bit wary at first as they watched the bmx guy’s flipping the first and then sailing through the course. After a few minuets of watching all the riders made their way up the roll in and started to drop in. The jumps were closed off at 8pm so the riders all hit the festival and partied the night away.

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The day kicked off with joint practice between the MTB riders and the BMX riders and it was awesome to see them all pushing each other and talking about what tricks were being pulled by who and who was going to take the win at the next days final.

Unfortunatly during the BMX Qualifyers the Nass P.A system for the jump area blew up so we were unable to hold the Dirt Wars Quallys until the following day.

We were how ever able to give the riders a huge practice session so they were ready for Sunday’s action. During the practice session a few of the Open and Pro riders (pro’s came along to party and encourage the open riders) went down quite hard and a few injurys were gained.

Daniel Selkirk hung up on the first and face planted the floor leaving a Selkirk face-shaped imprint in the soil, Alfie Steven’s blew out his ankle on the first jump and Darren Eastall somehow managed to catch his penis (That’s right I said his Penis) in between the tyre and frame ripping his japs-eye open by an extra 5mm. After 3 stitches in the end of his little man Darren came back to the jumps and proceeded to keep showing everyone his bandaged up manhood!

Saturday night was off the hook with Cypress Hill, Nicky Blackmarket and a whole host of other DJ’s and bands playing. The guy’s partied into the early hours of the morning! I know Sam Reynolds, Adam Williams and crew had an awesome night in the D&B Arena, I think Sam would say S4P (Sorry For Partying)…..

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Sunday morning was a bit damp as there had been a down pour overnight but luckily it had done nothing but good to the dry dusty trails that the guy’s had been riding the day before..

Charlie from the Dirt Wars Crew had made a journey back to Bristol to collect his sound system so the BMX finals and Dirt Wars had a PA System for the day. After setting up the system the BMX riders held their final and then it was time for some DMR Dirt Wars action.

The Judging line up of Specialized’s Tom Reynolds, Rose Bikes Adam Williams and DWUK’s Cliff Barbeary all took to the judges area ready for DMR Dirt Wars Round 3 Nass…

First off we held the quallys, with 16 riders lined up on the roll in all ready to throw it down and see who could make it through to the 8 man final.

A few of the guy’s seemed to struggle with the wind that was gusting quite bad whilst others seemed to flow through the jumps with no problems.

Young 15 year old Cameron Crozier busted his way through the trails throwing down a few super clean runs with flips tucks and 3’s whilst Darren Eastall, despite having suffered the penis injury the day before, threw a few bars and flip x-ups with and amazing amount of style chucked in to them.

Kerry Pert was flipping all over the shop and Greg Parry’s flip attempt off the whale tail was amazing as it was so close to being landed and this kid doesn’t ride dirt, he’s a skatepark rider!

Tiny Cole Todd had a bit of bad luck as everytime he dropped in the wind picked up and just blew him about.

With the 16 riders going down to 8, the finalists were as follows in reverse order.

8th Jack Ambler

7th Kerry Pert

6th Ben Nolan

5th Greg Parry

4th Darren Eastall

3rd Joe Aldridge

2nd Andy Crawford

1st Cameron Crozier (youngest ever DWUK Finalist at 15yrs old)


After half an hours break and a chance to grab some food (provided by the awesome kitchen staff at Nass) it was straight into the final. Sam Reynolds had a word with the judges and it was decided that there would be a super final with all riders getting 2 runs each and then the top 5 riders from those runs going through to then decide the podium placings. This proved to up the riders game and a few mad things were about to go down.

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Jack Ambler threw down a few awesome runs with flips and flip tucks as did Greg Parry with his barspin on the first the 360 off the whale tail but unfortunately for Greg he was unable to pull anything out on the last.

Ben Nolan blasted out toboggan on the first, an x-up onto the whale tail and x-up off to no footed can on the last whilst Andy Crawfords 360’s were full HAM and so clean.

After 2 runs the top 5 riders going through to the super final were as follows.

Darren Eastall

Jack Ambler

Cameron Crozier

Andy Crawford

Joe Aldridge


All 5 riders hit the roll in and came out throwing out their safest tricks in the strong wind that had built up over the course of the afternoon.

Darren Eastall was managing to put out some big flip x-up’s and Joe Aldridge showed that if your gonna pull tricks then do them with style as he popped massive styled out barrel roll on the last.

Andy Crawford again went hard with his truckdriver to x-up and his super clean 3’s whilst Jack Ambler proved that the wind was no problem to him, trucking the first, barspinning up onto the whale tail and pulling a flip tuck on the last.

The show however was stolen by young Cameron Crozier as he flipped the first higher than any of the other riders then tuck no handed up onto the whale tail and smashed out a super clean tail whip on the last..

1st Cameron Crozier

2nd Joe Aldridge

3rd Andy Crawford

4th Darren Eastall

5th Jack Ambler

An awesome weekend was had by all and we cant wait to go back to NASS for a super special round next year.

Huge thank you to all the riders that attended (open and pro), Ryan Matthews and all of the Vision Nine staff (Nass Crew), Tom Reynolds and Adam Williams and All The Dirt Wars Crew.

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See you at Rocket World….



DMR Dirt Wars 2014 – Round 2 – PORC

Penshurst Off Road Cycling, otherwise known as PORC, in Kent has to be one of the longest standing dirt jump venues in the UK. As a favourite training spot for riders in the South East, it was amazing to arrive and see how much had changed since last year’s event there! With a pretty big new Pro line and a couple of other smaller lines, from the start I knew it was going to be a good event.

The weather in normal Dirt Wars fashion had been fairly dodgy in the few days leading up to the event but in the usual style we lucked out with sunny spells and dusty dry trails, although a gusty breeze was making the Pro line a little tricky at times. The new lines ended up giving the riders almost too much choice with some Open riders wanting to stick to the old line, whilst a few were happy to send bigger tricks on the new line. The Pro’s were all stoked to be using the new line so in the end it was decided that Open riders could use whichever line they wanted with the same scoring on both lines, but higher amplitude scores given to those sending it on the big line.

The turn out for Pro category was always likely to be a bit smaller at this round because of international comps & the Goodwood festival of speed being on at the same time but the Open category was stacked! 22 riders all wanting a shot at a podium finish. With talk of many people riding the previous day to get some practice in, as well as rumours of Matt Scott landing a double flip, practice got underway with everyone sending it!

Open qualifying saw most of the riders sticking to the old line, a 6-pack with a mulch landing on the last, leaving only Colin Smith, Liam Tuite, Tim Peckham & Jack Ambler sending it on the pro line. Massive shouts out go to Liam who managed to get away lightly from a horrific crash when he spilt his head tube in two pieces casing the second. Hope you are healing up ok chap. Both Tim & Jack really had the big line down, both sending huge superman’s and flip combos. It was clear they’d both be in the final. The guys riding the other line really had to pick up points in the flow and execution areas as they were missing out on large big-trick & amplitude scores. The riders who could get through perfectly, tricking everything with a fluid style would end up in the final, and there were several. Respect to Jamie Nelson who went down on a mid set flip, ejecting from the highest point whilst completely upside down. Hope you’re okay. With a barrage of flip x-ups, tailwhips, truckdrivers, tuck no-handers and some funky combination tricks the riders making it to the final were:-

1 – Tim Peckham

2 – Jack Ambler

3 – Sam Lewington-Booth

4 – Harry Campbell

5 – Andy Crawford

6 – Joe Aldridge

7 – Darren Eastall

8 – Liam Tuite

9 – Kerry Pert

10 – Jack Cardy


With Liam unable to ride, then next highest qualifier was Jamie Nelson, who again couldn’t compete so Jamie Woodford made up the 10th person.

Pro Qualifying saw several riders come through the line without tricking any of the jumps as the gusts of wind seemed very unpredictable and visibly affected the riders mid-air. Again a shed load of tricks were unloaded and the top five to qualify were :-

1 – Tom Cardy

2 – Ray Samson

3 – Freddy Pulman

4 – Matt Scott

5 – Tom Reynolds


A decision was made to keep things more interesting; all riders from pro would go through to the final and the qualifier was to be used as seeding. This caused some controversy at the time but definitely led to more action later in the day.

The Open qualifiers got back to the course for 20 minutes practice and then it was on to the finals. All of them rode their socks off showing some serious stunt throwing ability, although bobbles on the last landing cost a lot of them dearly. Harry Campbell made his way into 5th place with a solid run of combo tricks, legs and arms flailing, and smooth stylish 360 X-Ups on the last. Fourth place was snapped up by Darren Eastall who consistently sent flip x-ups on the first, lofty 360s on the second and eventually rode out of a barrel roll x-up on the last. The winner from Round 1, Andy Crawford, owned the smaller line though, with such smooth consistency throughout the day. His runs full of 360s, truckdriver to x-ups and a 720 on the last gave him the bronze. It was always going to be close between Jack Ambler & Tim Peckham on the big line. They both had big tricks, style and flow but it’d be how cleanly executed their moves were to decide between them. In the end it was Tim Peckham who just pipped Jack to it. Massive stretch superman’s & super-cans along with a massive frontflip on the last sealed the deal & grabbed Tim the top of the podium.

The Open final results were –

1 – Tim Peckham – 48

2 – Jack Ambler – 46.5

3 – Andy Crawford – 41.5

4 – Darren Eastall – 40.5

5 – Harry Campbell – 37.5

6 – Joe Aldridge – 37

7 – Jack Cardy – 32

8 – Kerry Pert – 31.5

9 – Sam Lewington – Booth – 30

10 – Jamie Woodford – 29

After a quick warm up for the Pros it was back into the action with several extra riders happy to get another chance to lay down their best runs. We saw some riders going HAM whilst others stuck to their usual runs and again it came down to how well executed the runs were as there were so many big tricks and such crazy amplitude on display by all. Unfortunately Matt Scott didn’t manage to land the double backflip that he stomped the day before, trying it twice and bailing each time but somehow escaping unhurt. In the end it was ray Samson who took third place with a run that could have easily been first or second had it been a little less sketchy. His huge midset flipwhip was landed so late we didn’t expect to see him jump the last until we saw him appear half way through a 360 whip. Freddy Pulman rode on despite having one of the worst cases of swellbow known to man! Truckdrivers on the first, humongous superman seatgrabs on the second and a flip double barsspin on the last showed he really has been training hard. But the pro winner was the quiet and reserved Tom Cardy. His run of a double whip on the first, flip no hander on the second & one of the smoothest, cleanest and biggest flip whips I’ve ever seen on the last jump firmly put him in the top spot.

Pro Final results –

1 – Tom Cardy (Dartmoor Bikes/Slam 69/X-Fusion) – 52

2 – Freddy Pulman (Spank/Marzocchi/One industries) – 48.5

3 – Ray Samson (DMR Bikes/X-Fusion/Morevelo) – 47.5

4 – Charlie Watts (Static/Void Bikes) – 41.5

5 – Ryan Nangle (Marzocchi/Smuggling Duds) – 40

Wig Lewington – Booth (Privateer) – 40

7 – Tom Reynolds (Specialized UK/Pedal heaven) – 39.5

8 – Jordan English (Animal/NookieBikes/Lazer) – 33.5

9 – Matt Scott (Deity/Grein Optics) – 32.5

Massive thanks go to Terry Stagg & Mike from Porc for providing such a good venue and big thanks to all the series sponsors for making the event happen.

The next round of the Open series will be held at NASS festival on the 12th & 13th of July, with the next full round of the series happening at Rockworld for the FMB Bronze event on the 26th & 27th of July.

Make sure its in your diary!! Find more info at

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