Large DMR Bolt Thru Swopouts
Blue DMR Bolt Through Swopouts
Black DMR Bolt Thru Swopouts
V4 DMR Bolt Thru Swopouts
DMR Bolt Thru Swopouts

Bolt Through Swopouts

12mm Bolt Thru design for 1st generation frames running 135mm x 12mm hubs. (Black with optional Maxel boss)

Ver2 design for 2nd generation frame running 142mm x 12mm hubs. (Blue)

Ver3 design for 3rd generation 142mm x 12mm hubs in a 26" Bolt with slotted disc mounts and the 'New' addition Trailstar.

BOLT 275 Conversion Kit design to convert a Bolt with slotted disc mount to a 27.5mm wheel size and to convert the 'New' Trailstar to +Size.

Description Price Due In Quantity
DMR - Swopout Dropout - 12mm Bolt-Thru 10 In Stock Price: £24.99
DMR - Swopout Dropout - 12 mm Maxle Bosses 9 In Stock Price: £14.99
DMR - Swopout Dropout - Ver2 - 142 x 12mm - Blue 2 In Stock Price: £19.99
DMR - Swopout Dropout - Ver3 - 142 x 12mm In Stock Price: £34.99
DMR - Swopout Kit - BOLT 275 Conversion Kit In Stock Price: £39.99
DMR - 12mm QR axle In Stock Price: £29.99

The BOLT 275 swopout conversion kit contains Plus 8 Swapouts to move the rear wheel backwards 8mm. It also contains 2 shock mount bushings to correct the shock position. You will need this kit for converting a Bolt to 27.5" wheels as the shock needs repositioning

The Swapout Dropout contains just the replacement dropouts, and does not include the shock bushings.

You can use this kit for converting a:
DMR Bolt, Trailstar or Kinesis Virsa
to 27.5 wheels.

Please follow Fitting Guide

Weight 60 grams

Black only

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