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Featured product: Sect Range Stem

Sect Range Stem


The Sect range is all stuff I’ve been heavily involved with from start to finish.
I worked with everyone here at DMR on coming up with a plan for each product.

We’d come up with the price weight and spec it out. I’d then work with the 3D dude on making it look how we want and finally work with our graphics department on making it look sick.

Putting out any product is a big group effort but I guess I’ve been involved, in some way, at every stage.

We wanted to create the perfect products for the people who ride dirt. Everything in the range is all about dirt. It’s the best being given a blank canvas to come up with the best stuff you can. We pulled apart features we liked about our products and things we wanted to change. This ranges from all the angles right down to the price point.

Sect stuff is aimed at the dirtjump scene specifically. For the guys out there digging steep and fast trails and the guys out there competing. As a bike rider I guess its stuff I understand and DMR have a long history making bikes fit for this purpose. It was always gonna be sick!

Olly Wilkins

DMR Product Manager.





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