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My 2011 was another good one. It started with a boring shoulder injury which put me out for a few months and stuck on a road bike for a while. But I got to watch my section in 3 minute gaps, my largest movie appearance yet! After getting back in the swing of things and back on my 898 I started to go to trails all over the country including some new spots I’ve never ridden before. Also I got to ride the legendary Peynier trails in the South of France on a dirtjump trip with friends.

I took my DMR Bolt all over the place too, from a street race in Plymouth, Downhill in the Swiss alps, and xc in France. I hope my 2012 continues with much the same theme. Riding my bike as much as I can. This will be my 9th year riding for DMR. Lets hope they can put up with me for another year! Godspeed.

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