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My 2011 was another good one. It started with a boring shoulder injury which put me out for a few months and stuck on a road bike for a while. But I got to watch my section in 3 minute gaps, my largest movie appearance yet! After getting back in the swing of things and back on my 898 I started to go to trails all over the country including some new spots I’ve never ridden before. Also I got to ride the legendary Peynier trails in the South of France on a dirtjump trip with friends.

I took my DMR Bolt all over the place too, from a street race in Plymouth, Downhill in the Swiss alps, and xc in France. I hope my 2012 continues with much the same theme. Riding my bike as much as I can. This will be my 9th year riding for DMR. Lets hope they can put up with me for another year! Godspeed.

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Olly's Blog


Our Team Rider and Brand Manager Olly Wilkins gave us the low down on his new Sect build and all the little changes he makes to the stock build.



‘The only bikes that I really cannot go without are first of all a short travel AM setup and secondly a jump bike.  This reflects the riding I have around my house perfectly.  Loads of XC but even more DIRT!.  My jump bike is always the bike I feel like I can jump straight on and have some fun.  My Sect was looking a little tired after 3 years of heavy use.  It was time for a new bike!

I went for the Tango colour frame option.  It matches my Bolt L and really shows up great in photos!’



‘Up top I run a Sect stem with some Wingbars in the 35mm rise option.  I also run a 10mm spacer to get my bar height up a bit.  I cut those down to 750mm…you won’t catch me throwing the bars too often so this is perfect for me!’



‘On the front end I run X-Fusion Slants.  I have them custom tuned to ramp up really fast.  I like to run my suspension a little more active than normal for a dirt jump bike and having the fork ramp up really suits this.  I also have one-off gold slick anodising on my stanchions.  It’s meant to increase small bump sensitivity but I just think it looks rad!  I have my forks travel adjusted to 100mm and they have 34mm stanchions so they are super stiff.’



‘This bike will be the first hardtail which I’ve used MTB style cranks on.  I’m amazed at the stiffness you get from the AXE 30mm axle and hollow form arms, you really notice it with a hardball frame, especially coming off 3 piece BMX style cranks on my old bike.  I’m running a 28t Blade ring sample on these and its a really light combo.

I’m running some prototype Sect wheels that we are currently testing.  They are essentially our new Zone rim built onto dirt jump specific hub.  It’s cool because I’m going to be able to run them tubeless.  At the pressures you run on a dirt jump bike you’re never gonna burp the tyre anyway.  Makes some weight-saving sense’



‘Finally to finish it all off I run some V12 Mags with Ti axles.  They weigh in at a tiny 290g and the Ti axle finish matches my stanchions…what a nerd!’



‘The bike weighs in at 23lbs (10.49 kgs) and will be going even lighter when I convert it to tubeless!!’

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