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My 2011 was another good one. It started with a boring shoulder injury which put me out for a few months and stuck on a road bike for a while. But I got to watch my section in 3 minute gaps, my largest movie appearance yet! After getting back in the swing of things and back on my 898 I started to go to trails all over the country including some new spots I’ve never ridden before. Also I got to ride the legendary Peynier trails in the South of France on a dirtjump trip with friends.

I took my DMR Bolt all over the place too, from a street race in Plymouth, Downhill in the Swiss alps, and xc in France. I hope my 2012 continues with much the same theme. Riding my bike as much as I can. This will be my 9th year riding for DMR. Lets hope they can put up with me for another year! Godspeed.

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Over its 18 years of production the V12 has become recognised as the benchmark for flat pedal performance.

For 2014 we took our iconic V12 body design and redefined it.

PLATFORM is a brief history of the V12 pedal and the impact it had on an entire generation of riders.

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