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Behind the scenes: DMR Bikes team rider edit



Words and photos by Ryan Costello

I was asked to come along and join Jono Jones, Ben Deakin, Olly Wilkins and Brendan Fairclough on their day out riding at Windhill Bike park, to get some behind the scenes footage for the upcoming Team rider edit that was being shot! The edit was shot by Jacob Gibbins and Ben Walton.

I took my camera along to try to capture some of the best moments.. And there was a LOT of them, it was a great day, full of big jumps, big whips, a boxing match and plenty of laughs.

Check out the edit at the bottom of the page!

DMR Bikes team riders

The DMR SLED, the powerhouse Jono and Deaks ride!

The DMR Sled in action

Deaks going in fast to pin one of the many berms at Windhill Bike park.

Brendog killing it on the pro line

Brendog killing it on the pro line, throwing some awesome shapes!

DMR Team riders: Behind the scenes

One of the rigs used to film the edit, there was a LOT of equipment.

Olly Wilkins

Olly checking out the canon drop! Such a poser...

Jono on the DMR Sled

Jono took his turn at the pro line, safe to say he was right in his comfort zone.

Olly Wilkins

No matter the angle, Olly always look cool!

DMR Team riders: behind the scenes

There was just as much.. if not more uphill climbing than actual downhill riding!

The DMR Sled in action

Big thanks to Jacob Gibbins and Ben Walton for getting this filmed, the edit is going to be released soon, so keep an eye out!

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