Sidekick Balance Bike
Sidekick Balance Bike
Sidekick Balance Bike
Sidekick Balance Bike
Sidekick Balance Bike
Sidekick Balance Bike
Sidekick Balance Bike

DMR Sidekick Balance Bike

STEP 1 Learn control, balance and start out right on our Sidekick Balance Bike.


Introducing the new DMR Sidekick Balance bike, designed to provide maximum stability for a natural learning experience, just like learning to walk. Featuring mixed wheel sizes (also known as a mullet bike) with a 12” rear wheel and a 14” front wheel, this exclusive design offers important benefits for young riders.

It’s lightweight, built tough, and made to last. Your child will effortlessly transition from walking the bike to gradually mastering balance and steering – inspiring confidence at every step of the journey while learning to ride a bike, the easy way.

Check out the full features and sizing information here


Mullet wheelset creates easier rollover – the larger front wheel rolls over bumps etc more easily – less likely to stall or upset the steering.


Longer rear stays for stability our back, and up front the head angle and fork rake are optimised to make the bike as stable and confidence-inspiring as possible. It’s the perfect starter bike.


The DMR Sidekick frame and fork is made from premium quality, lightweight and tough aluminium – the same as our pro dirt jump bikes, and just like the big bikes, we have sweated the geometry details. A longer rear end helps with stability at speed, and the perfect head angle and fork design creates confidence-inspiring steering for when your young rider knows exactly where they want to go (also comes in handy for when they don’t). When you put this all together, you get the easiest balance bike to learn on.

Everything is perfectly proportioned and custom. Narrow bars and grips sized for smaller hands, lightweight aluminium frameset, smaller DMR saddle, and Vee Crown Gem tyres ready for anything.

Smaller hands need smaller grips. Our new riser-handlebars have a slimmer diameter with soft grips ensure young hands have maximum control and comfort. We also put safety ends on them. How good is that?

Our Sidekick Balance bike even comes with disc brake mounts and cable guides – should you want to add a bona fide disc brake system to your balance bike, it’s easy to do.

A lot of balance bikes skimp on tyres – we didn’t. We chose all-terrain, grippy, large volume tyres that work everywhere.

Check out the simple, padded, comfortable, low, and lightweight DMR Sidekick saddle. Plenty of adjustment for height. Even comes with a grab-handle at the back of the saddle for ease of use.

We also added a little safety device called a steering limiter – we’ve put it on the Sidekick Balance so your rider won’t end up in a tangle of legs and dirt due to accidental oversteering. It just works.

Size Guide

Minimum Saddle Height 35.5cm
Minimum Inside Leg 37cm
Minimum Height 92cm

We advise visiting your nearest DMR Sidekick retailer to be properly fitted.

• Lightweight Aluminium frame and forks.
• Low stand-over.
• Long wheelbase and mixed wheel size for extra stability.
• Narrow diameter bars and custom size grips for small hands.
• Disc brake ready with rotor and caliper mounts and hose guides (140mm disc recommended).
• Large volume knobbly tyres for lots of grip and comfort – Vee Crown Gem.
• DMR Dirt saddle.

Check out the full features and sizing information here

Colour DMR White
Weight 4.4kg
Frame Lightweight aluminium frame
Fork Lightweight aluminium fork
Rims 16h Aluminium Rim. 12” Rear / 14” Front
Hubs Sealed bearing with disc mount on rear. Recessed allen bolts
Spokes 14g Black
Tyres Vee Tire Crown Gem; 12”x2.25” rear / 14”x2.25” front
Seatpost/Saddle DMR lightweight one-piece combo saddle
Handlebar DMR 6061 aluminium bar; 460mm wide, 50mm rise, 6 degree back sweep
Stem DMR lightweight stem; 30mm reach
Headset 1 1/8” EC34
Grips DMR Super Skinny 17mm
Seat Tube Length 155
Top Tube Length 312
Head Tube Length 60
Head Tube Angle 70°
Seat Tube Angle 72°
Bottom Bracket Drop 16
Chain Stay Length 265
Front Centre 360
Wheelbase 624
Stack 299
Reach 215
Fork Length 240
Fork Rake 40
All dimensions in mm

A really good, well-built balance bike that is capable of riding off-road, but the lack of brake is an oversight in my opinion at this price point when aiming at mini off-road riders.

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The Sidekick Balance, a new balance bike that's not just any balance bike. It's a carefully designed option for young riders to enjoy cycling just like anyone else. The Sidekick Balance is a mullet bike featuring a 12-inch rear wheel and a 14-inch front wheel, fully compatible with disc brakes. Constructed from lightweight aluminium, the bike features handlebars and grips designed for little hands. The fork is also a new design, aimed at increasing stability at speed and working well with the standing position of a child on a balance bike.”

“These bikes are truly remarkable, hand-built with the same bulletproof reliability as any DMR product you've ever used. They're sure to withstand whatever challenges young riders throw their way.”

• Aluminium frame & forks.
• Low stand-over.
• Mixed wheel size.
• Narrow diameter bars.
• Disc brake ready.
• Large volume tyres.
• DMR Dirt saddle.

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