DMR OiOi Saddle - Enduro, DH and Trail MTB Seat - DMR Bikes
DMR Oi Oi Camo Saddle - Mountain Bike Seat
DMR Oi Oi Camo Bike Seat - MTB Saddle - Mountain Bike Seats
OiOi MTB Bike Seats
OiOi Saddle - Miami Camo - Angle
Oioi Saddle - Mountain Bike Seats from DMR
OiOi Saddle - Mountain Bike Seats from DMR
OiOi Saddle - Miami Camo - Side
OiOi Saddle - Mountain Bike Seats from DMR
OiOi Bike Seats
OiOi Saddle - Miami Camo - Rear
OiOi Saddle - Mountain Bike Seats from DMR
OiOi Saddle - Miami Camo - Close-Up
OiOi Saddle - Mountain Bike Seats from DMR
OiOi Saddle - Mountain Bike Seats from DMR

OiOi Saddle

The DMR OiOi saddle is a tough, lightweight and versatile mountain bike saddle, suitable for everything from All Mountain and Enduro to aggressive trail use.


New OiOi Saddle colour - Miami Camo

The OiOi mountain bike saddle balances the difficult mix of ultra stealth and raw power!

Developed with The Deakinator himself we put together a versatile and durable mtb saddle with a Camo finish that will get you deep behind enemy lines.

Treacherous terrain, Challenging conditions, the OiOi camo mountain bike seat will get the job done where others can’t.

Per mare Per terram.

Deaks in Afgan

• SUPERLIGHT FOAM and lightweight CroMo rails.

• DYNAMIC PROFILING is comfortable for long days in and out of the seat.

• LOW PROFILE shape allows easy weight shifting

• BLUNT NOSE maximizes usable climbing space.

• DURABLE Camo cover for when it all goes wrong.

• FLEXIBLE spined base.

• Dimensions: 278mm (length) x 147mm (width)

• Weight: 270g


…if you like the looks, it’s a solid and robust perch for those wanting to get rowdy on a budget,

At 256g, it’s a reasonable weight for the cost…, it’s a good shape, with a fairly flat 147mm-wide profile, a central pressure-relief groove and a nice wide nose for climbing with generous padding and a central cut-out in the base.
…we used it on some pretty big pedalling days without getting sore.
The Kevlar cover feels hard-wearing too

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