DMR Deathgrip - Brendog Signature MTB Flanged Grip - DMR Bikes
dmr deathgrip - mountain bike handlebar grips
DMR Brendog Death grips - mtb handlebar grips
DMR Death mountain bike grips orange
DMR Death grip mtb
Black DMR Brendog Death grips
Cyan DMR Death grips
Red DMR Death grip mtb
Yellow DMR Brendog Death grips
Grey DMR Deathgrips
Grey DMR grips
DMR - BRENDOG DeathGrip Flange - Miami
DMR - BRENDOG DeathGrip Flange - Marble Pink
DMR - BRENDOG DeathGrip Flange - Marble Red
DMR Death grips
DMR Death mountain bike grips
DMR Death grips
DMR Deathgrips
Red DMR Death grips
Yellow DMR Brendog Death grip mtb
Large 4000x1376px pink grip2
Large 4000x1376px
Brendog DMR Death grips
DMR Death grips
DMR Death grip
DMR Death grip mtb


MTB Death Grips

Exclusive DEATHGRIP Trailer

DEATHGRIP Second Visions TRAILER from Metis Creative.


Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips

‘I wanted to make the ultimate grip to go on all my bikes: AM to DH. I combined the following features and the DEATHGRIP is what we ended up with!’

The DMR DEATHGRIP is the second collaboration between DMR and Brendog.
We started with an internally tapered single-lock core grip and wrapped Brendan's design around it in super-soft Kraton compound.

• NEW colours added to the DMR Brendog DEATHGRIP range for 2017

• Tapered Core | No need for outer lock ring

• Waffle and Knurl for grip

• Mushroom for comfort

• Available in Thin (ø29.8) or Thick (ø31.3)

• Available in Soft (20A Kraton) or Hard (25A Vexk) for your preference in feel and durability

• 100g per pair


Pinkbike 2018

“The Deathgrips have become my new favourites thanks to the way that they blend comfort and traction.

They have that 'just right' feel right out of the package, and they just get more and more comfortable as time goes on.
Two happy thumbs up.”

Full Review Here

MBR Test Winner 2018

…boy does this grip work! You instantly feel more in control and confident on the bike.

Even in heavy rain the ribbed section manages to squeeze out water and enable the strongest part of your hand to keep clinging on.

If that’s not enough, the Deathgrip is also available in a super-sticky Race Edition compound, as well as two different diameters to suit almost every rider’s needs.

Full Article Here

Story of the DMR DEATHGRIP

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