DMR - Pedals - V-Twin - Black
DMR - Pedals - V-Twin - Black
DMR V-Twin - MTB Clipless Pedal  - Gold
DMR V-Twin - MTB Clipless Pedals - LemLime
DMR - Pedals - V-Twin - Black
DMR - Pedals - DMR V-Twin clip in pedal - Gold
DMR - Pedals - V-Twin - LemLime
DMR - Pedals - V-Twin - Black
DMR - Pedals - V-Twin - Gold
DMR - Pedals - V-Twin - LemLime
DMR - Pedals - V-Twin - Gold

DMR V-Twin Clip-In Pedal

The next chapter unfolds as DMR “clips in” for the future with the V-Twin MTB clipless pedal.


Based around the world renowned SPD technology from Shimano, we have engineered the most adaptable caged clip system on the market.

The DMR V-Twin Clipless Pedal offers a huge number of different grip and feel options.

Using our range of pins paired with a unique Nylon “bumper” and Metal Shim feature, this SPD clip-in pedal can be customised to optimise your float and preferences and improve your ride experience. The DMR V-Twin is a great Mountain Bike Pedal.

An extruded and CNC machined custom DMR Alloy cage with fully sealed (fully serviceable) bearing system allows the V-Twin mtb clipless pedal to take seasons of abuse in the toughest of environments whilst maintaining a low weight.

Tuneable platform height with Nylon Bumper, Metal Shim plate, foot pegs.

Similar to other clipless pedals using the SPD system, the DMR V-Twin has an engineered float to allow for free movement of the cage from the cleat during adverse UK weather conditions.

5º Float SPD Cleats included.

• Large Platform Area.
• Shimano SPD compatible design.
• Nylon ‘Bumper’ design.
• Steel sizing-shim set included.
• Serviceable Bearing system.
• 7 Tuneable Pins Per Side (full set supplied).
• Heavy Duty 4140 CroMo Steel Axles.
• Tough Extruded CNC machined Aluminium Body.
• 5º float cleat set supplied.
• Anodised finish.

Full Pedal incl. Axle: 112mm x 116mm.
Platform: 81mm x 97mm.
Pedal Depth: 14mm.
Bumper to Bumper Depth: 23mm (Without Shims).

Weight: 546g as a Pair.

Please Note: Torque setting at the Axle to Crank, for all the DMR Bikes pedal range, is 40 - 55Nm.


"If you're a serious downhill or enduro rider and want the support and feel of a flat pedal with the benefits of a clipless setup, it's one of the best".

They're supportive, tuneable, work really well and there's an endless rainbow of colours for you to choose from too.

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"Pedals are crucial contact points between bike and rider, but there’s been little revolution in this field for many years. So while the new V-Twin clipless pedals from DMR admittedly still rely on the proven SPD standard, they have trodden a new path in terms of versatility: not only can you change the number, position and length of the (optional) pins, you can also switch the thickness of the plastic plates on the pedal body. Currently, each pedal comes with pre-selected plates, but in the future you’ll be able to customize the layout, thickness and colour scheme of your V-Twin pedals then, via a download link, use a 3D printer to make them yourself. In the standard set-up, the pedals felt secure, functioned well when clipping in and out and the ample proportions proved a the perfect platform."


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