A winner of countless awards, the DMR Bikes Vault Pedal is the go to choice for any flat pedal bike rider.

Providing the same shape, platform and grip. The DMR V11 gives you the same Vault pedal feel at half the price.

Moulded from durable glass reinforced nylon, the DMR V11 provides all you know and love from a DMR pedal at a price to be desired.

Developed, tested and refined in conjunction with DMR athlete and designer Olly Wilkins, we can guarantee the V11 is well qualified for a regular dose of heavy punishment.

"Some things don’t need changing. The V11 shares everything we’ve learnt from years producing the best large platform flat. The size, shape and concave from my favourite pedal is now available with a composite body and in a range of colours which don’t wear off when you smash a rock. Perfect for those... who smash rocks... like me!" - Olly