DMR V11 Nylon Pedal - MTB flat pedal
DMR V11 Nylon Pedal - MTB flat pedal - Black
DMR V11 Nylon Pedal - MTB flat pedal - Black
DMR V11 Nylon Pedal - MTB flat pedal - Blue
DMR - Pedals - V11 - Blue
DMR V11 Nylon Pedal - MTB flat pedal - Green
DMR - Pedals - V11 - Green
DMR V11 Nylon Pedal - MTB flat pedal - orange
DMR - Pedals - V11 - Orange
DMR V11 Nylon Pedal - MTB flat pedal - Purple
DMR - Pedals - V11 - Purple
DMR V11 Nylon Pedal - MTB flat pedal - Red
DMR - Pedals - V11 - Red
DMR V11 Nylon Pedal - MTB flat pedal - Turquoise
DMR - Pedals - V11 - Turquoise
DMR V11 Nylon Pedal - MTB flat pedal - Yellow
DMR - Pedals - V11 - Yellow
DMR - Pedals - V11 - Red
DMR - Pedals - V11 - Black

DMR V11 Nylon Pedals

Made from a sturdy Nylon composite with 4140 hardened CroMo Axle and amazing grip with tuneable steel pins.


DMR does performance composite
Presenting the V11 Pedal. For those that favour the durability, compliance and affordability of composite pedals, the new benchmark choice from DMR has arrived!

The V11 is moulded with the same proven shape as the multi award-winning Vault pedal, providing a huge platform with DMR’s unique concave shape that allows your foot to sit deep into the centre for supreme grip.

V11’s durable glass reinforced nylon body features eleven replaceable steel pins each side for rock solid grip. All pins are secured with captive locknuts for ultimate durability. Outer pins are Vault Moto pins that sink deep into your shoe, keeping your foot well and truly planted.

V11 is fully rebuildable with the dedicated V11 service kit, guaranteeing ride after ride with no-nonsense performance.

Developed, tested and refined in conjunction with DMR athlete and designer Olly Wilkins, we can guarantee the V11 is well qualified for a regular dose of heavy punishment.

"Some things don’t need changing. The V11 shares everything we’ve learnt from years producing the best large platform flat pedal. The size, shape and concave from my favourite pedal is now available with a composite body and in a range of colours which don’t wear off when you smash a rock. Perfect for those who smash rocks... like me!" - Olly Wilkins aka ODUB_23.

• Durable glass reinforced nylon body.
• Large platform area.
• Low profile body with concave foot bed.
• Tuneable pins with outer Moto Pins for serious grip.
• Strong 4140 Cro-mo black steel axles (9/16") with 6mm hex key fitting.
• Fully serviceable for long life.
• Available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Turquoise and Yellow.

Weight: 450g/pair.
Platform: 105mm x 105mm.
Axles:4140 Black Cro-Mo Steel (9/16").

Best MTB flat pedals 2023 – serious grip and support for trail and gravity riding - July 2023

+Tough, impact-absorbing body
+Proper steel pin grip
+Replaceable pins
+Serviceable bearings
+Eight color options


Review Submission by Russ Pierre - May 2023

When you live and ride in Cornwall, it’s the land of Granite. You need robustness on your bike and components need to take a beating. Granite is hard, in fact ‘Blue Alvin’ Granite needs specialist equipment to break it. Granite is rough, sharp, and slippery when wet. When granite breaks down over many thousands of years, and the loam on the trail is pushed aside, the gravel-like pieces are loose in the dry, a bit like the chalk on the South Downs, but when wet it is abrasive and grippy.

For two years I’ve been running the V11 on my enduro bike, attached to my DMR AXE Cranks. I used to run 170mm Cranks and Vaults pedals, but endless pedal strikes on a tight granite filled single track, and the nature of our trails in the wild west, the vaults deteriorated, I replaced one axle, and the odd pin, and the crank arms took the knocks too. The pedals never let me down, they just got beaten, and started showing some sharp edges, not that that would in any way compare to the damage caused to my shins by the long pins I use.

When the V11 came out, I grabbed a pair straight away. I shortened my AXE cranks to 165mm, and both made a huge difference. Pedal strikes will always happen, but that’s unavoidable, but the durability of the V11 is unbelievable. They still look great, apart from a couple of missing pins, the axles are still true and straight, the spindles smooth and the bearings solid. I’m only getting a new pair because I want to change the colour. Here lies the best bit. These are great pedals if you’re on a budget. An affordable pedal that takes endless knocks.

The grip on the V11 is amazing. As good as the Vaults? I’ll let you decide. I’m not an elite racer, I'm over 50 and refuse to grow up. I raced BMX on flat pedals because they feel super comfortable and I’m more confident when on flats. I regularly ride bike parks, but mostly natural terrain. In 2021, I rode four enduro competitions using the V11 pedals including the Southern Championships at Minehead. Wearing Five Ten Freerider Pro shoes, I was stuck to the V11 pedal. I had the occasional foot bounce over the roots, but overall, my feet were always planted. At the South West Enduro in the wet, slippery conditions I even managed a podium.

The V11 pedal held my feet in place over the roots and rocks, wet gullies and loam, and when I needed to sprint the pedals felt great. In two years they have taken hit after hit, and the odd crash or three. The DMR range of pedals is phenomenal and the company prides themselves on the reliability and sustainability of their products. Of course I’d like a pair of high end magnesium vaults with a titanium axle. The gold features would match my bike perfectly, but I’d only smash a pair of stunning two hundred pound pedals into cornish granite.

Russ' Blog


DMR V11 Nylon Pedals Review : BikeRadar 4.5/5 STARS

DMR’s new V11s should perform as well as their legendary Vault lookalikes

"The V11’s generous size provided a stable and comfortable platform that was large enough to easily and repeatedly place my feet in a comfortable position. The outer, sharper Moto Pins provided excellent and secure traction when I was unable to centrally locate my feet over the pedal’s body."

Review Here

Off Road CC

DMR V11 Flat Pedal Review : OFF-ROAD 5/5 STARS

The proven performance of DMR's excellent Vaults at half the price; they're superb

"All in all, these are superb pedals that have all the performance of their premium brothers at less than half the price. They have loads of grip and support, with the same proven bearings and platform design plus a very damage resistant body. They're as near to perfect as can be when it comes to real-world use. Highly recommended."

Review Here

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