10mm vertical DMR black QR swopouts

mk1 QR Swopouts

DMR Swopout for 1st generation frames


mk1 QR (Quick Release) or nutted design for 1st generation frames running 135mm x 10 or 14mm hubs with 26" rims. (Black)

mk1 DMR frames are identified as having disc mounts with round holes and 1 1/8" head tubes.

Swopout allows you to change your dropout to your desired type on any of the frames.

Each of the Sidekick, Trailstar or Ex[alt] comes equipped as standard with this black QR Swopout.

A 10mm vertical dropout with mech hanger. A direct replacement for your standard Swopout if you have an unfortunate stack.

This dropout is for frames using mk1 and mk1.5 DMR Swopout Dropouts. These will not work for frames using mk2 DMR Swopout Dropouts.

Swopout explained here

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