Stage 2 Saddle
Stage 2 Saddle
Stage 2 Saddle
Stage 2 Saddle
Stage 2 Saddle
Stage 2 Saddle

Stage 2 Saddle

Perfect balance between lightweight and strength


Stage 2 Saddle

We used our proven saddle shape from the much-loved Oi Oi saddle, added a smooth micro-fibre cover, lightweight cromoly rails, comfy padded base, and a no-fuss design that works everywhere. And you won’t believe the low price either. Stage 2 has it all.

• SUPERLIGHT FOAM and lightweight CroMo rails.
• DYNAMIC PROFILING is comfortable for long days in and out of the seat.
• LOW PROFILE shape allows easy weight shifting
• BLUNT NOSE maximizes usable climbing space.
• REINFORCED side panels for when it all goes wrong.
• FLEXIBLE spined base.

• Dimensions: 278mm (length) x 147mm (width)
• Weight: 270g

"The DMR Stage 2 borrows much of OiOi sibling's underpinnings, including its overall shape, which is low profile in order to aid the distribution of weight. The blunt nose is for comfort when shifting weight forwards."

"The Chromoly rails and a Super Light foam base have been picked to marry lightweight and comfort, and there’s also a flexy spined base that should offer a bit of give when pedalling and under impact. The saddle benefits from dynamic profiling to further boost comfort." –


"It follows the same contours as the OiOi saddle, with a 147mm width and 278mm length. It uses a low-profile shape and stubbed nose to enable easy weight shifts and maximise climbing space. The depressed foam channel is designed to help relieve perineal pressure for long days out and the base features a flexible spine to improve comfort."

"CroMo rails balance weight and strength, and the thin, with firm padding designed to make it a low-profile but comfortable perch. The Stage 2 weighs in at a reasonable 276g, and for only £40, could be a smart choice for many mountain bikers." – BikeRadar


MBR Magazine Review

“With its blunt nose and deep shoulders, it reminds me of the SDG Bel-Air 3.0 and is on the slightly firmer/more supportive side. There’s a slight curve and raised tail to keep you centred, so you don’t feel like you’re floating around on the surface. There’s also a decent amount of flex in the base and that channel really does take the pressure off.”

“There’s nothing really ground breaking about the Stage 2 saddle, but there is one thing that is truly stunning and it’s the price. A lot of the similar specced saddles I tested earlier this year cost £70-80. Even the Fabric Magic Elite Radius was £50, so at £40 this an absolute bargain.”

MBR Magazine Conclusion: “Bargain price. Stress relieving central channel and cutaway. Harder wearing side panels”

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