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Ultimate all mountain bike crank
DMR all mountain crank
Ultimate all mountain bike crank
DMR Axe LE Mountain Bike Crank
DMR Axe LE Mountain Bike Cranks
DMR Axe LE Cranks
DMR Axe LE Crank
DMR all mountain bike crank
DMR Axe LE cranks
DMR Axe LE crank parts
DMR Axe LE Crank
DMR Axe LE All Mountain Cranks
DMR Axe LE All Mountain Bike Cranks
DMR Axe LE Crank

Axe LE

The DMR Axe LE crank is the ultimate all mountain bike crank


Please add appropriate bottom bracket and a bottom bracket tool to basket when purchasing AXE Cranks.

The DMR Axe crank has just won the MBUK best MTB crank for an unprecedented third year in a row.

These DMR cranks have the strength needed for the biggest DH hits. Combined with the weight of a race ready Enduro crank we have created what we believe to be the best crank out there. Using Hollowform arms and a 30mm axle we have achieved unrivalled stiffness and strength without a weight penalty.

The new AXE LE version brings a higher level of finish with laser etched graphics

We recommend pairing the AXE crank with BLADE rings available HERE

NB Any SRAM pattern chainring of your choice will fit the AXE crank.

The DMR Axe LE crank features ‘Hollowform’ technology in the forged crank arms achieving unrivalled stiffness without a weight penalty. The DMR Axe LE is strong and versatile enough to fit any All Mountain, Enduro or DH set up

The DMR Axe LE features a sturdy 30mm axle to ensure there is no flex between your crank arms. The DMR Axe LE cranks are supplied as crank arms only so that you can assemble your cranks to your specification. We recommended DMR Blade Rings which are available in all common sizes, along with Boost and Standard chainline options. A Direct Mount spider is available for 2x set ups

The DMR Axe LE cranks must be fitted with a DMR Axe BB, which are available in 68/73mm or 83mm threaded, BB30, PF30 and BB92 formats

The DMR Axe LE crank is also available for DH spec frames with a longer axle

• Lightweight 790g (Arms, BB and Direct mount Blade 34t)
• ø30mm axle for unrivalled stiffness
• 165mm, 170mm or 175mm options, plus 83mm/165mm DH spec
• BB options: Euro BB, PF30, BB30, BB92, 68-73mm/83mm Threaded
• ‘SRAM’ style direct mount compatible

MBUK 2018

Grouptest winners for the 3rd time in a row!!


Full Review Click Here



Full Review Click Here

CONSIDERING THE HUGE amount of experience some of the other brands here have when it comes to making cranks,
DMR have done an amazing job producing the set that consistently impressed us most.
…cranks are shallower …which means they don’t sting your feet as much across rock gardens.
… 30g weight loss means a closer match to the SRAM and Shimano competition.
… driveside arm is now the removable one. That makes it much easier to change the direct-mount rings.
… three-bolt attachment is compatible with all SRAM-style direct-mount rings and spiders too,
making the separate arms (£139.99) and ring (£39.99) system even more versatile.
The Praxis BBs that the Axes are compatible with are our benchmark for easy ‘any frame’ installation and smooth durability too,
completing a triumphant surprise win debut for the renowned UK dirt jump and hardcore riding brand.

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Full Review Click Here


Excellent value for £240, you get all the parts you need but if you want to source your own BB and chainring, you can mix and match to suit.
The Axe crankset itself costs just £139.99 — which is almost half the price of Shimano XTR.

With massive hollow-forged arms, an oversized 30mm axle and reasonable system weight of 784g, be both light enough for trail use and tough enough for downhill abuse. Fitting the Praxis-built bottom bracket was easy thanks to DMR’s thoughtful inclusion of a proprietary tool that fits a standard 3/8in drive.
The SRAM-style direct-mount chainring only requires three bolts nipping up so, all-in-all, it’s a doddle.
After three months of use, the performance of the Axe hasn’t blunted. The stiffness of both the arms, and the beefier spindle, is palpable. Pumping through turns feels more direct, climbing seems more efficient, and landing drop-offs and jumps more assured. Overall, it’s made a big difference to the solidity of our test bike.
The narrow/wide Blade chainring needed a little bedding in, but since then I’ve only unshipped the chain once.
Score 8/10

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