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custom DMR SLED sticker kits
DMR SLED sticker kits
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custom DMR SLED sticker kits
DMR SLED graphic sticker kits
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green graphic DMR SLED sticker kits

SLED Graphic Kits

The DMR SLED just got a whole lot better! With custom DMR SLED sticker sets, you can find the colour you want and stick it over the existing graphics with ease!


The composition of the polymer used for these DMR SLED sticker kits results in a very light and strong sticker that proves to be;

• Impact Proof
• Easy to fit
• Easy Cleaning
• Durable (no yellowing or cracking)

In turn creating better protection for your frame on a day to day basis.

Under gentle heat, such as a hair dryer; the stickers will self-heal small blemishes.

Anti-air pattern on the glue side of the sticker will aid the removal of air bubbles on application.

The adhesive used to attach the sticker will reach maximum strength after 24 hours. This allows the stickers to be reapplied when attaching to the frame to line up the sticker with the existing decal of the frame.

Please ensure the frame is perfectly clean before applying your DMR SLED sticker kit.

It is much easier to apply the sticker to a frame on its own, before it is built as a bike.

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