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DMR - Pedals - Vault - Grey Camo
DMR - Pedals - Vault - Grey Camo
DMR - Pedals - Vault - Grey Camo
DMR - Pedals - Vault - Grey Camo
DMR - Pedals - Vault - Grey Camo
DMR - Pedals - Vault - Grey Camo
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DMR Special Edition Liquid Camo Vault Pedals

Stand out from the crowd with the new Special Edition series from DMR. Our much-loved Defy 35+ Stem, Wingbar MK4 and Vault Pedals, enhanced with a durable Triple Anodised finish.


Stand out from the crowd with the new Special Edition series from DMR. We’ve taken our much-loved Vault Pedals and enhanced them with a durable Triple Anodised finish. Opt for the Special Edition Defy 35+ Stem and Wingbar Mk4 to fully drench your bike in liquified camouflage.

The DMR Vault pedal is a tuneable MTB flat pedal designed specifically for riders who want a bigger platform. Equally at home on an all mountain or downhill setups, the DMR Vault pedal offers great stability and grip for the bumpiest of trails.

LARGE – 105mm x 105mm.
LIGHT – 430g per pair.
SLIM – 17mm concave foot bed.
LOW PROFILE – For great clearance.
BIG PLATFORM – For the biggest jumps.
TOUGH – Extruded 6061 Aluminium and 4140 CroMo Steel axles.
TUNEABLE – 11 pins per Vault pedal. Flip the pins to fine-tune the grip.
SERVICEABLE – High load DU bush and cartridge bearing.

• Extruded and CNC Machined Aluminium body.
• 4140 CroMo plated axle.
• 105mm x 105mm Platform area.
• 17mm Concave.
• 22 replaceable Flip Pins.
• 430g per pair.

Please Note: Torque setting at the Axle to Crank, for all the DMR Bikes pedal range, is 40-55Nm.

Vital MTB Face Off: The Best Flat Pedals

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'Big and burly, the Vault provides faultless levels of grip in all conditions.'

Review Submission by Mike | Veloccino Podcast - July 2020.

"Perfect flat pedals. I've got 3 sets of Vaults across different bikes and the oldest have been running for about 5 years. The wide platform, concave shape and sharp pins fit my feet perfectly while I'm in my FiveTens. On Downhill bikes they give me more confidence to go fast as my feet feel really planted and I prefer to run them on my XC/Trail Hardtail in Summer over clipless pedals because they give great feedback on how much grip I'm getting. Like everything, they eventually wear out, but with the service kits and youtube, it doesn't take long to swap in new bearings. I like them so much I even bought some as a Birthday present for a friend! (It was in a sale...I'm not that nice)".

Review Submission by Stephen Fisher - May 2020

"After a recommendation from Pinned TV, I decided to go flat pedals... I purchased the DMR Vault (unfortunately had to purchase from chain reaction as you didn't have the colour), but having had 2 good rides with the Vault, they are quite simply fantastic! I am a proper convert, well made and look bloomin' great! Thank you. I did get the OiOi seat from yourselves, that's bloomin' great too!"

Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine

At 432g, the DMR Vaults are middle-of-the-road when it comes to weight, but there is nothing middle-of-the-road about their performance. The deep concave shape and eleven sharp pins per side provide tenacious grip that strikes fear into the soles of flat pedal shoes. Wider at the front than the back, the pedal offers outstanding levels of grip, even when the terrain is super rowdy.

The huge 105mm x 115mm platforms provide excellent feel on technical descents, and the open body allows for easy mud clearance. The reversible pins can be fitted either way to tune grip levels, from long and sharp to short and rounded. The pedals are installed with a 6mm Allen key to reduce the chance of over-tightening, and the sealing bearing at the outside and DU bushing have worked flawlessly despite some heavy wet-weather abuse.

Regreasing is simply a matter of removing a 6mm dust cap, squirting in some grease, and then heading off to shred. The extruded 6061 aluminium body screams quality, and when it comes to secure footing, the pedals are second to none. The DMR Vaults were the most popular mtb pedal in the test and were always the first to be checked out for testing - taking our Best in Test with ease.

+ Perfect balance of grip.
+ Excellent durability.


Dirt Mountain Bike


The DMR Vault Pedals have been around a good few seasons now and are a very common site on the bikes of the committed flat pedal rider; in fact we know a good few who won’t use anything else. DMR have been tweaking their range of pedals over the years, with many brands still playing catch up and were one of the few to get the slimmer, lower profile design spot on first time with the Vault.

Shape, depth and pin placement are the qualities that make this pedal a winner. The 6061 aluminium platform is a great length and width combo, the profile is also ‘just right’ with a 17mm concave footbed. Eleven adjustable pins give tuneable traction, whatever your tastes and shoe choice. Flip them to fine-tune grip. These pins are not the toughest (replacement kits are readily available) but their placement is perfect; these pedals have been designed by riders who spend all their riding time on flats, not just some of their time.

The Vaults come in a range of models from the standard popular model (in a huge range of colours) to the signature Brendog and Lacondeguy models.

Superb pedals for downhill, trail, or enduro use. Just take a look at our personal bikes here at Dirt; they’re a favourite choice…



'These are the ultimate, no compromise flat mtb pedals. Beautifully finished, light, super smooth bearing action and a thin profile that we couldn't get to hit the deck. even on low slung XC bikes.'


Even when things get squirrely, no matter what angle your foot goes onto the pedal there’s plenty of surface area to grip onto. They work well with today’s ultra-low bottom bracket heights too thanks to their low-profile design, which makes clipping the deck less likely. Fairclough and Lacondeguy... The fact that those two riders sit at the top of the downhill and freeride worlds more than attests to the Vaults’ gravity credentials... their (low) weight makes them a great option for the trail rider intent on hanging the back end out on a Sunday afternoon as well... they’ll comfortably outlast the vast majority of the competition and are fully worth the investment.



'It has a smooth concave centre and 11 pins per side, seven of which can be flipped to tune the amount of grip... plenty of room to shed mud and are nicely shallow to improve clearance.'


“All testers agreed that feel underfoot is class-leading in all conditions.”

Having used many pairs over the years, we’ve found them hugely reliable. The platform is larger than most but it does sit in close to the crank arm, keeping your stance efficient for pedalling... grip level is tuneable - the flip-flop pins can be inserted from the top or bottom for a longer or stubbier traction stud. They are also easy to replace, ...the best trait is that the roomy surface area affords close to perfect grip levels with the thinner studs. Shoes feel well planted, but are still adjustable enough to reposition if needed. There are cheaper pedals, but the Vault’s platform profile is impeccable and very durable.


What MTB

“The oversize area means they’re grippy and all-day pedalling friendly.”

The heavily-chamfered edges of the thin platform are there to help the pedal slide rather than catch over rocks, and it works well. That large, square shape is easy to locate and super grippy, making all-day pedalling comfy with no pressure points… tough and grippy enough for DH too. The 5mm threaded pins reverse to become 4mm studs… we’ve not bent one despite hard crash-inducing rock strikes.

Review - Vital MTB June 2012

Review - Bike Radar By Jon Ashelford, Mountain Biking UK

Review -Southern Downhill 8th June 2011



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