Words by Wilson Haines

We went on a week-long road trip around the UK. This was sparked from all of us wanting to do a road trip, some of us have done a couple of trips and some had never been on a road trip, so we decided to hire a minibus and hit up some spots around the UK.

Belton Everyone

The crew doing some Mexican waves for Jay.

First of all we headed to Belton trails, on our way there we got hit by a heavy shower which stopped us riding a lot of the lines they have there but Jay and crew managed to get the mainline running, our first runs where a bit slippery but once we got some tyres down the groves came out nicely and the line got quicker as the day went on.

Belton Ralph

Ralph Baggs spreading those wings.

Belton Victor

Vincent “Big D*ck Vic” Bartels twisting the last set at Belton.

Shrewsbury Fire

Sitting round the fire on the first night of the road trip.

After our session on Monday, we decide to head to our next spot called Shrews Trails as the camping was perfect, as well as having fresh water to shower with. We set up camp and sat around the fire with the locals and some beers before heading to bed.

Shrewsbury Jeremy

Jeremy Coe boosting this lovely hip at Shrews.

Shrews was a wicked place, Done, the main local has an awesome spot with loads of different lines all linking together, as well as having a perfect chill-out area with the most amazing shack.

Shrewsbury Digging

Big crews mean productive digging, we lent Done a hand clearing out an old line.

We camped at Shrews on Tuesday night and packed up early to head over to ALV trails, we met lots of other people at ALV who were also road-tripping, we had a really big session here, the trails are in a beautiful woodlands surrounded by fields, we camped in the field after digging the minibus out of a puddle.

Villij Jonny

Jonny Faulkner with the one-foot table at Villij.

Thursday was a new trails spot, we headed to Villij trails, these trails are some of the best in the UK and are widely known across the BMX scene, it was an absolute treat to get to ride them.

Robo and crew have an incredible spot full of some wild lines, getting to watch some of the other sickheads ride this place was even more of treat, hopefully we get to ride there again soon.

Grandmas Alistair

Ali Huck folding a table at Grandmas trails

For Thursday night we headed to Grandmas trails, as the camping was quiet and we had clean water again. Grandmas was a very chilled vibe, the trails were a lot of fun and we all had a blast.

Friday was the hottest day of the trip and these trails were in a field so some did struggle but none the less we still got a rowdy session in full of massive trains!

Friday night we wanted to head to our last spot of the road trip, so we headed down to Woodyard trails. On Saturday they held their yearly jam so we knew it would be busy and this year they celebrated 10 years of Woodyard. Like we expected Saturday was a busy day from when we first woke up, so we chilled out for the first part of the day and got a session going in the afternoon. We watched some crazy riding on the Milf line.

Ralph got in a boxing match after some heckling from heckle hill, nearly everyone crowded round to watch! Once the sun started to go down, they got the fires lit and had a quarter pipe session on the back of a berm, after this the party began and they lit the humungous bonfire at the back of the trails.


Wilson and Jeremy getting close in some trains at Woodyard.

After Saturdays madness we got up Sunday morning and planned the rest of our day, the Belgium guys had to get the ferry home on Monday morning and were all desperate to ride Jimmy's spot Leatherhead Trails, so we headed home for a local session with the Belgium's, this was an incredible ride with these guys and was the perfect way to finish the road trip.

kein plan mehr wo-43

Overall we all had an incredible week and we are so lucky to be a part of this incredible scene, a massive thank you to all the locals at the spots we visited you made the trip what it was, also a big thank you to Jimmy Pratt for organizing the spots we rode and driving the minibus around for a week!

We have already started planning next years trip.

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