DMR - Tool - V8 Bearing Tool


The DMR V8 v2.1 Service tool is designed to adjust the 11mm base nut on the Dual Bushing bearing system found on the current V8 pedal with grey plastic end caps.

Use this thin wall Chro-Moly Steel socket is with a 13mm spanner to ‘back off’ the 11mm base nut against the 9mm lock nut on the end of the axle to adjust the pre-load on the bearings.

Tools required to service or adjust V8 Dual Bushing pedal; • 15mm spanner or 6mm allen wrench - to remove pedal from crank arm. • Pick - to pop off end cap. • 9mm Socket - to adjust lock nut. • 13mm spanner - to adjust V8 service tool. • DMR V8 Service tool - to adjust 11mm base nut on axle against lock nut. • Small flat blade screwdriver - to hold/jam 9mm lock nut when adjusting base nut.

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