DMR Pedal - Vault Mag - Black


The Vault Mag is dead. Long live the Vault Mag! The new Vault Mag is here, born from our quest for production methods that are more environmentally friendly and less wasteful. Thanks to the unique use of pressure die casting technology, the Vault Mag achieves these goals. Best of all, it is now available at a more obtainable price. When performance is paramount, the Vault Mag delivers at just 404g.

Six benefits of the magnesium casting process: 1. Most of the magnesium used is extracted from seawater. 2. Magnesium uses less energy to process the material than aluminium (bauxite). 3. Casting magnesium uses less energy to make the finished product (than CNC aluminium). 4. The casting process wastes very little material. 5. Any waste material is recycled on site (zero waste). 6. Magnesium is non-toxic and is very safe for manufacture and use.

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